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Independent Scaffold Consultancy provide a range of services to ensure that yours or your contractors scaffolding is safe for use.

With over 20 years experience and holding all relevant qualifications and insurance we can ensure that you meat your statutory requirements when it comes to working with scaffolding

20+ years Experience

Advanced ticket holder

fully insured

H&S recognised

One Off Inspections

Ensure that the structor has been put together correctly and suitable and is ready for your team to start working on

7 Day Inspection Service

A legal requirement to ensure the structor hasn’t changed since the first construction

Hand Over Certificates

To keep yourself protected we provide you with hand over certificate to confirm the structor is safe and compliant

Design Service

If you have a complicated job that you are not sure how you will deliver let us help with your design

Emergency Surveying

If the weather is against you let us check the structor prior to starting work. High winds, or ground movement could all be a reason to get you scaffold structor checked.

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